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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's a GIRL!

 We were very surprised to open the last envelope on Christmas morning and see that we were expecting a baby GIRL. The day before on Christmas Eve we had an ultrasound where the person doing it slipped using the masculine pronoun twice. Lou and I both caught it and figured we were having another boy. So, we were all shocked to see the ultrasound results that told us we were expecting a little girl. I won't forget Brendan's reaction-- he said, "Aw, man now we have to have girl toys in the house." It was pretty funny.

We just started our 3rd trimester and Lou and I still have not reached consensus for her name. We like Charlee, Kate, and Victoria Elizabeth. Lou likes Isabella. I like Violet and Ruby.

We have been getting care with our wonderful midwives and she has been head down most of the pregnancy, so hopefully she stays down. Her most active time is when I lay down around 9. She puts on a show for us nightly moving and turning. We can feel her movements getting stronger.

 The big brothers helping put lotion on my growing belly.

 Love my baby bump @25 weeks.

 Hiking in the Dreamy Draw area.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby # 3 on the Way

We are excited our 3rd baby is on the way this April. At 21 weeks pregnant, I am feeling great, and loving being pregnant. My only complaint is that I can't seem to get comfortable pregnancy pants. The boys are excited and go back and forth between wanting a brother and a sister. They will talk to baby and give my growing belly kisses. It's pretty sweet.

I first started to feel baby move around 17 weeks and love feeling baby in there cruising around. We are planning another home birth and have been getting good prenatal care from the midwives @ Beyond Conception. My cravings this pregnancy include pesto, pineapple, twizzlers, ice cream, and seafood (which I am not over indulging).

On Christmas Eve we will have an ultrasound for measurements and to find out if baby is a boy or a girl. The plan is to seal the results in an envelope and open them together as a family on Christmas morning. I even got our family matching Christmas pajamas and invited the grandparents to join us for the big news.

Stay tuned for more details.

 Our October announcement

 @ 20 weeks

@ 19 weeks
 @ 18 weeks

@ 16 weeks

@ 15 weeks

@ 12 weeks

Caleb @ 2 years old

Our two year old Caleb brings our family so much joy. He is a happy boy and makes us all smile. He is super friendly, polite, and not at all shy. He will repeat a lot of what we say and is talking well for his age. Caleb loves reading, music, dancing and riding his trike/bike. His favorite movies are Cars, the Lorax, and Monsters University. He has been into Lighting McQueen for a long time now. He also likes Thomas trains, Diego, and Word World.

Our little Caleb did not get his first hair cut until he was about 18 months old. Mom was afraid his beautiful curls would never come back, but they did. He has the best hair in the family.

Quite often Caleb will do the opposite of what Mom asks and his grandparents say that's what I get for challenging the boundries with them too. He is at an age we really need to watch him because he can be doing something dangerous or naughty pretty quickly if we aren't watching. He made it to the ER once, for falling off the play set in our backyard and got 3 stitches in the back of his head. He also fell while running at the Science Center and had to get his forehead glued and steri-stripped after his little sunglasses cut his forehead. We also may have some marker on walls and carpets after not watching close enough.

Caleb likes talking to anyone on the phone-- including his relatives and gram. He also loves babies and always is looking in people's strollers and wanting to see and hold babies.  Caleb likes to paint and loves water whether it's the beach, pool, or bath tub.

Brendan and Caleb play a lot and they usually get along. Caleb has memorized a lot of his favorite books and he finishes the sentences from memory when we read. He also knows a lot of his letters and numbers already.

I love when people ask Caleb his name, he will respond with his full name, Caleb Andrew Camp. He will be going to pre-school next fall and we have started working on potty training but are not pushing it. He can do it, just not 100% of the time yet.

Caleb has a sweet tooth too. He loves anything sugary and will come running for sweets if offered. We don't give them a lot, but it is funny when he ignores me then I say galleta and he comes booking into the kitchen. He and his brother know some Spanish and use it when we communicate.

Caleb is a lighter sleeper and a bit of a night owl. He can be a challenge to get to bed but once he's asleep usually sleeps through the night. He also is still taking naps for a couple hours each afternoon and it pretty good about going down.

Our neighbors think Caleb is so cute. He and Emma across the street are around the same age and look like they could be related. He is really cute with her and the other kids in the neighborhood, always giving hugs-- he is a great hugger and cuddler. He is a social boy and very friendly to people he meets. Every day when we pick up Brendan at school he lets the crossing guard know, "He's going to pick up his brother."

Caleb constantly melts my heart and is the most precious little boy. He makes all of us so happy and is a joy to have around. We are very lucky to watch such an amazing kid grow up!